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2011-12 fixtures to be released tomorrow. 17th June 2011

Welcome to 'Pool Stats. The original on-line resource for Hartlepool United fans.

Hopefully the information throughout this site is both interesting and revealing to you. If you see anything that can be expanded upon, or you can think of a section which I haven't included please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

I hope that this site can grow and evolve into something that all fans of the club can dip into and find a piece of information that they're looking for. Perhaps not the meaning of life, but maybe the number of games that Nicky Southall made for Pools, or the number of goals that Damian Henderson scored in blue and white.

I hope you enjoy the information about your club.

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16th June 2011 - 2011-12 fixtures to be released tomorrow.
Usually at this point of the year we start to look forward to the next year, however things have been pretty exciting at the Vic since the season ended. With players being released, new ones coming and the fantastic season ticket offer it's been non-stop action! 2100 season tickets have already been sold, and with over four weeks to go before the deadline discounted prices are the talk of the town, 1900 more and it's only £100 for the whole season (£50 for kids) - A good early season run of games in the fixtures tomorrow and a 'cartwheel' signing or two should see the club easily smash their season ticket record.

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