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Tot Hopkins
Personal Info
Player Number:   0005
Surname: Hopkins
Firstname(s): William
Date of Birth: 11/11/1888
Place of Birth:

Esh Winning

International Honours: None
Favoured Position: Centre Half

Hartlepool Career
Joined the club from:   South Shields(1)
Left club to join: Durham City
First season with the club: 1921-22
Final season with the club: 1922-23
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Playing Record with the 'Pool
  League Competitions Cup Competitions
Season XI Subs Goals XI Subs Goals
1921-22 33 n/a 0 1 n/a 0
1922-23 20 n/a 1 2 n/a 0

Playing Record with the 'Pool
Competition Played Scored
Football League Era
Football League
F.A. Cup

Achievements with the club
Played in Pools' first F.A. Cup Round One tie, at Stalybridge Celtic.
Played in Pools' first Football League match, at Wrexham.

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