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Records and Lists
More lists of statistics than you can shake a stick at.

The highest and lowest attendances for competitive Hartlepool matches.

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A.M. Cup: Top Bottom Top Bottom
Division 3 (N) Cup: Top Bottom Top Bottom
FL Play-Offs: Top Bottom Top Bottom
Non-League: Top Bottom* Top Bottom*
War Years: Top Bottom* Top Bottom*
* - Doesn't include matches where attendance isn't known.

Appearance and Goalscoring Records.
Players who have played more games and scored more goals than they've had hot dinners
Most appearances in each competition.
Most goals in each competition.

Hartlepool's record from 12 yards
Penalty scoring
Penalty Top Scorers
Teams Scored Against
Penalty Shoot-Outs

Matchwinners and goalden shots
Scorers from the Subs Bench.

Those who find themselves in an early bath
Hartlepool Dismissals.
Opposition Dismissals.
Red Card Totals.

Seasonal Statistics.
The best and worst seasons in Hartlepool history
Points totals in the Football League.
Home, away and overall league records.
Most and least wins, draws and losses in a Football League season.
Goals for, goals against and goal difference.

Top Tens.
The ten best seasons in the Football League
Top Ten Homes
Top Ten Aways
Top Ten Totals
Top Ten Home Goals
Top Ten Away Goals
Top Ten Total Goals
Top Ten Other Stats

Longest team runs
Longest runs with or without scoring.
Longest league runs.
Longest overall runs.

Individual Records.
The players to perform great feats for Pools
Most goals in a game or season.
Other Records.

Managerial Records.
The men who pick the team
The ones who were part of the furniture.
Blink and you'd miss them.
Most games in charge.
Least number of games managed.
The youngest men to take the reigns.
The oldest to rule the roost.
The managers with the best records.
and those who are better forgotten.

All statistics correct to the end of the 2008-09 season.